Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: What do we expect in 2023?

December 28, 2022

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has come into our lives and is being implemented in small and large businesses. To be competitive, companies are now incorporating artificial intelligence into their workflows. Marketing is no exception.

Artificial intelligence has long been used in marketing. According to Gartner, the percentage of companies using AI from 2015-2019 has increased by 270%.

In marketing, artificial intelligence improves workflow efficiency. For example, one of its capabilities is the use of AI chatbots on a website.

Usetech expert and head of Data Science, Ilya Smirnov, shares his experience of creating and implementing chatbots in call centers: the bot fully closed 30% of requests automatically without operator participation, another 35% of requests only required operator confirmation. The average solution time for requests requiring an operator was reduced from several hours to 10–15 minutes.

To learn more about artificial intelligence in marketing, follow the link and read the article on our corporate blog.

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