Blockchain day, Paris, France

October 15, 2018

France has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to software and IT – it’s companies have a low market share in the sector. Blockchain technologies are perceived there as a way to leap forward and gain its deserved place in the global software industry. Blockchain Day, held in Paris on October 10, 2018 was a gathering of notable community members from across the globe. We were inspired by Pascal Gauthier, President of Ledger (probably the best known French firm in this space), but also by a very intriguing panel of Executives from the Telecom industry, all very bullish on blockchain and doing real work to bring some real use cases to a large scale audience.

Our Managing Partner, Alexander Mitrovich, had a Keynote presentation of his research in the development of the Blockchain ecosystem across regions. He presented quantitative data to show how Europe is indeed embracing Blockchain, and how the diversity and depth of its ecosystem are positioning Europe to drive the industry growth. Comparing data and overview of the regulatory frameworks, Alexander spoke how Asia, Europe and North America develop their Blockchain ecosystem in a different way. Main points of the Keynote are in the attached presentation.

Future of Blockchain presentation

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