Blockchain Development
by UseTech

USETECH joins the Blockchain revolution by helping Enterprises pilot their ideas and by enabling startups to disrupt whole industries. We created world’s first Crypto 100 Index and a set of unique Analysis tools to help professional crypto investors make sound investment decisions.


We offer a variety of software and product development services:

Crypto trading

With the world’s first Crypto 100 Index, series of professional analytical tools and underlining data we provide unique services for the crypto trading professionals:

Product development

Creating Blockchain products requires deep software expertise in variety of technologies. We help our clients in full life cycle of the Product design and development, from Requirements to implementation, testing and support.

Enterprise blockchain for Retail industry

Retail industry is only beginning to consider Blockchain technology and its possibilities. We help them with defining promising use cases, structuring and implementing pilot projects in areas like Loyalty programs, Traceability, and many others.

Enterprise blockchain for Financial Services industry

Financial Services Industry is in the epicenter of the blockchain revolution. From fundraising to claims management or trade settlement, all corners of Industry are up for disruption – Investment Banking, Insurance, Commercial Banking will look very different 10 years from now. We help our clients to start their journey by piloting their most promising use cases and implementing the successful ones.

Technologies we build with


Polkadot – blockchain of blockchains
08 july 2019

Polkadot is one of technically most ambitious projects in blockchain, as it attempts to create a “blockchain of blockchains”. Their goals are very high, and that’s what attracted us to it.

June Product Update
05 july 2019

While blockchain attracts a lot of attention on its future potential, we like to be BUIDLers and contribute to making the future real. During spring of 2019 Usetech team was busy integrating two of the biggest BUIDLers in blockchain – Gnosis and Neufund.

Aracon 2019
01 february 2019

As Crypto winter holds down many new projects, Aragon builds out its vision at increasing speed and contributes to the overall Ethereum and Blockchain community with significant contributions. Aracon 2019 was a great opportunity to gain first hand understanding of its progress, meet great people from top notch teams like Parity

Blockchain day, Paris, France
15 october 2018

France has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to software and IT – it’s companies have a low market share in the sector. Blockchain technologies are perceived there as a way to leap forward and gain its deserved place in the global software industry.

Elegant Smart Contracts
29 march 2018

Blockchain is a promising technology. If used well, it can be a revolutionary technology. It can bring benefits of decentralization, trust and openness while automating things you could not without it. We at have taken these benefits as goals, and were lucky to see an outstanding example of how it can be done - we started learning from Neufund.

Financial Services Industry disruption
22 november 2017

Blockchain technology is most often thought of as the disruptor of the financial system – cryptocurrencies, the first use case for blockchain, are designed as an alternative to government controlled fiat currencies or other holders of value (gold, art, etc.). Since that first use case (Bitcoin), blockchain has evolved and is now piloted in most financial institutions for a large variety of purposes.

Trustless trust
27 october 2017

Blockchain is a technology designed to create trust. More accurately, to automate transactions between parties where each party can be assured that conditions of the relationship can be trusted. This is achieved in two ways: first, the technology itself is secure and cannot be compromised (under certain limitations, like protecting your private key); second, the terms of the relationship are coded in smart contracts, which are transparent for all parties to check. These three components – technology, transparency and checking are key to establishing trustless trust, which enables completely new ways for commerce to function.

USETECH starts strategic partnership with LiveTree Adept
1 september 2017

LiveTree is a UK crowdfunding company, specializing in Film and Video industry. It's team sees blockchain as an opportunity to disrupt the industry by changing the way Film and Video content is produced, financed and distributed. They have approached USETECH for assistance in creating it's ICO smart contracts and to plan for the development of its platform.

Blockchain use cases for Retail Industry
15 may 2017

Blockchain can create value in many industries and use cases. We have structured our research of blockchain technologies around industries, and here we present our findings for some of the most important use cases for the retail and wholesale trade. We developed our approach to selecting appropriate use cases, and analyzed the value chain in trade to identify the most promising areas. As blockchain technology develops very quickly, we will update our research on ongoing bases.



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