Aracon 2019

01 february 2019

As Crypto winter holds down many new projects, Aragon builds out its vision at increasing speed and contributes to the overall Ethereum and Blockchain community with significant contributions. Aracon 2019 was a great opportunity to gain first hand understanding of its progress, meet great people from top notch teams like Parity, Web3 Foundation, Gnosis and many others. While Aragon presented a large number of its accomplishments, we were particularly impressed and excited about its Aragon UI toolkit. It can be used for many use cases to speed up development by providing components that do common tasks in most dApps, and we certainly will use it. For those interested, details are here.

A few technical topics also look interesting and useful both within Aragon ecosystem and as separate components:

Our interest in Aragon was initiated by its work on optimizing voting mechanisms, as well as new concepts like coin voting, gas voting and time locked voting. They have proposed an interesting concept of a Voting Relay Protocol. After our discussions with the team we are very excited to see the result of their work and are looking forward to help them with all components surrounding that solution, as well as proposing several alternative solutions that will make voting on Ethereum very efficient and trustless at the same time.

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