How are employees trained?

October 10, 2022

Today we want to talk about how we organize training for employees in the company. Trends and technologies are changing daily, and it is essential for IT companies to keep up with the times. So what are we using?

  • Corporate University. It contains courses and webinars from employees who share their experiences with others. There are topics ranging from programming and testing to marketing. Everyone will find something useful for themselves.
  • Corporate Library. The library contains over 700 books on various topics: technical, marketing, software skills and fiction. Books are available to every employee.
  • Trips to conferences. We provide each employee with the opportunity to attend the conference as a listener and speaker. Participation in the conference pumps the skills of self-presentation, networking, and also makes it possible to gain new knowledge.
  • Compensation of training at the expense of the company. Each employee can take a course or activity for which the company compensates. This is an excellent opportunity to get new skills that will be useful for the company.

What training opportunities do you have in your company?

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