How has the field of custom development changed in recent years?

March 3, 2023

Today we want to talk about custom development and the changes that have affected it. Victor Frolov, Director of Business Development, has answered several questions and talked about how the field of custom development will change soon:

“The trends of recent years have been a maximum reduction of Time-to-Market and instant adaptation to changes in requirements by the business. Under these conditions, the traditional project model of project implementation has practically outlived its usefulness. In today’s world, the customer does not have months to fix requirements and their subsequent implementation, because during this time, the original problem statement will irrevocably become obsolete.

It is no longer enough for development companies to be just IT partners; they need to become an IT business partner for their customers, instantly implementing constantly updated business requirements in a clear paradigm of IT development strategy.

In addition, Victor notes:

“IT systems themselves, the IT landscape and integrations – are becoming more complex, which gives new and new challenges to apply specifically custom solutions.”

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