How to motivate employees in IT?

September 14, 2022

Maria Nikolaeva, CMO of Usetech, will talk about how to motivate an employee in IT and types of motivation.

It’s no secret that employee motivation directly affects each company’s business, HR, and marketing performance, even if you don’t measure them.
In fact, the motivational program comprises many activities that can be globally divided into 2 parts — material and intangible.

Material motivation — monetary (RFP, bonuses, bonuses, etc.) or non-monetary remuneration (insurance, payment for food, training, transport, etc.), which are important and exciting to your employees.

The key component of the material part is salary, bonuses, options and bonuses, but IT specialists, because of a severe shortage of personnel in the market, have long been looking not only at the salary and social package.

You can implement the following benefits:

  • Company-funded training and certification
  • Annual Certification
  • Attending conferences at the expense of the company
  • Corporate events, entertainment, webinars
  • Gifts to employees and their children
  • Referral program
  • Partner Discount Program

Intangible motivation includes all those benefits that are not monetary and are aimed, mostly, at meeting the needs of the highest level — respect, recognition, self-expression, support and belonging to the company. This system allows an employee to maintain work-life balance and experience their own value.

Elements of intangible motivation may include:

  • Corporate University
  • Communities of Interest
  • Mentoring and mentoring
  • Flexible working hours or remote working format
  • Annual awarding of employees and recognition of their performance
  • Food Idea Incubator
  • Sports tournaments
  • Social and charitable projects

Because of the shortage of IT personnel in the market, they have enough attention from competitors’ recruiters. The employer simply needs to look for new, possibly unique, benefits that will distinguish it from thousands of other companies.

The more diverse and high-quality benefits will be for your employees, the faster you will achieve your goals.

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