HR trends 2023

January 25, 2023

Gartner has published a study 9 Future of Work Trends For 2023. We kept up and share a comment from our expert, Vera Petrovicheva, about HR trends for 2023:

“I think the main trend in 2023 will not be recruiting new employees, but keeping existing staff. It will cost the business less than hiring a new employee.

Also, HR will increasingly resort to aggressive headhunting. Here, all the methods of aggressive attraction are used:

💡 Development of a corporate approach when not only the HR department but all the employees take part in the search;
💡 Referral programs, which imply rewarding those who bring good specialists to the company;
💡 Outright poaching of personnel. Given the scarcity of some personnel in open searches on job sites, recruiters in 2023 should pay more attention to alternative search venues.

For example, searching for potential candidates through social media or a well-designed company career site that will duplicate all of your job openings, relevant links and photos.

Another trend for the coming year is the hybrid work format or the abolition of remote work. Some are already bringing employees back into the office, and some are sticking with the hybrid work format because it’s more comfortable that way.

Employee support remains a top HR priority in 2023. This is timely information about the company’s actions, training, and psychological and legal support. Also, more and more programs aimed at the well-being of employees are being worked out. Any crisis opens the door to new opportunities and areas that will be developed in the future. The positive effects of the latest crisis are digitalization, a greater willingness to change, a greater discussion of values, and increased trust in HR.”

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