June Product Update

July 5, 2019

While blockchain attracts a lot of attention on its future potential, we like to be BUIDLers and contribute to making the future real. During spring of 2019 Usetech team was busy integrating two of the biggest BUIDLers in blockchain – Gnosis and Neufund.

Nefund, investing and fundraising platform, lists some of the biggest VCs as investors. To secure significant amounts of investments they make, VCs need multiple layers of protection, including making sure several people approving any investment. This process is now automated and secured by integrating Gnosis Safe multisig wallet into Neufund.

Besides this main use case, Gnosis Safe wallet integration opens the door to customization of the business processes with the Neufund account using smart contracts (vs. simple address) and/or backend code. For example, a trustless Investment pool can be created this way.

Other noteworthy benefits and features of Gnosis Safe integration include:

  • Can be used as a 2FA
  • It’s the first mobile use case for the Neufund platform
  • As far as we know, it’s the first usage of a more secure eth_signTypedData RPC call with Gnosis Safe

For more information on this and other updates from Neufund see their June Product Update.

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