Our Services: Big Data

July 14, 2023

We provide a couple of Big Data development offerings to pave your project road to success. Cloud and cluster computing technologies and modern tools that we use will help us reach effective results.

As part of this service, we can offer:

— Data engineering

The Usetech team of experienced data engineers organizes download streams and processes data, as well as participates in the initial and final stages of data analysis. It ensures their operation on the company’s infrastructure.

We help to deal with ETL processes: we process data: we extract them from raw sources, transform and load them.

— Data analysis and visualization

We help businesses analyze the data and draw the right conclusions, as well as properly visualize it and present it to decision makers.

— Data and pipeline migration

We are professional in helping businesses migrate data securely while maintaining confidentiality.

— Customer behavior

We study consumer behavior, make forecasts, conduct tests and allow businesses to develop an effective strategy for interacting with potential consumers.

— Fraud detection and security

We always help securely protect your data, so it’s always safe.

Contact us and tell us about your request via email (contact@usetech.com), and we will tell you how we can help!

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