Polkadot – blockchain of blockchains

July 8, 2019

Polkadot is one of technically most ambitious projects in blockchain, as it attempts to create a “blockchain of blockchains”. Their goals are very high, and that’s what attracted us to it. As our Blockchain Lab experimented with its test networks we got attracted even more, and we started working on several projects that we thought might be a good training ground for our people. Among them, we started looking into APIs for Substrate, and as we saw very little work done there we jumped on the opportunity to create tools that will enable millions of developers of high performance systems (like in Banking or Gaming) to use Polkadot. We created a POC, showed it to Web3.0 Foundation, and have become a proud recipient of their grant in the second batch of recipients. This puts Usetech in the elite group of core contributors to this critical blockchain infrastructure project. Come back this summer for the released version of the C++ API we’re building, or check out our Github from time to time.

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