Software testing or QA

The testing process is one of the most important elements for software, because, without it, it can be vulnerable to data leaks and errors. Usetech’s expertise allows us to build a systematic and high-quality testing process. We can build a testing process from scratch or optimize your current testing process.

The independent testing service is a software quality assurance measure on a platform-independent of the software vendor. This service is ideal for clients who need an aim opinion of the software being used or produced, as well as additional resources to carry out software quality control activities.

What we offer

Web testing

To make sure your application is functioning properly, we conduct testing in several phases, from checking user scenarios to stress testing and load testing. This will verify data integrity and evaluate performance.

Mobile testing

We help you gain maximum confidence in the quality of your application by providing testing services. These include third-party and internal integration testing, security testing, and outage testing.

Automated testing

We use special software tools needed to run a set of test cases.