With the rise in virtual and remote working, UI/UX design has become more important than ever. Today’s interfaces need to be optimized for consumer needs, and understanding the major trends will improve business and key metrics.

According to Amazon Web Services, 88% of online shoppers say they will not return to the site after a bad user experience. And Forrester statistics show that an improved UI can increase your site’s conversion rate by 200% and improved UX design by up to 400%.

We help businesses launch and develop in-demand digital products through customer and user experience research.

What we offer

UX research

Through the research you will get valuable information about the use of your product. It doesn’t matter at whether you conduct the research at the start of creation or after several years of use. In today’s world, patterns of user behavior are changing, and it is important to deeply understand your users. You’ll get insights that weren’t obvious to you, understanding where users are struggling, what the challenges are in using your product, and what your users are worried about and want.


Conduct trust interviews and identify non-obvious information about your service or product. Identify necessary markers that can trigger a positive or negative chain of events.

Usability testing

Help identify user interface issues, including those that are not obvious at first glance, and objectively assess their number and importance to the user experience. We create better interfaces based on the findings.

Compose personas

We’ll help you find out who your target audience is and who you’re making the product for. Based on the findings, we will describe each portrait: fears, barriers, desires, and satisfaction.

Building a CJM

Helping you learn and explore the user journey. To understand your user, you need to think like them. Identify barriers, fears, pains, and improve the contact with your product.


We design interfaces for any human-machine interaction system, regardless of platform, but we have the most experience in designing mobile and web interfaces. We do both high-level interface design and detailed interactive prototyping.

Custom scripting

It’s important to know what path your user will take from start to finish, so we describe their entire journey through our application in advance.

High-level prototyping

High-level prototyping of interfaces on paper or in a program. Prototyping of the main screens with the construction of the logic for moving around the interface.

Detailed prototyping

More detailed prototyping of the interface screens: specific interface elements and their states. Detailed rendering of screens with wireframes.

UI design

The product is completed after the graphic design – the creation of a common graphic style, the development of a unique appearance of the controls, and a set of icons and illustrations.

UI Kit and guidelines

We will develop a single database of UI elements for your project, which will help unify the project, speed up development and scale.

Technical design

We’ll create all the materials you need for your products: icons, collages, striking patterns, and backdrops.

Mobile and Web apps

We create truly working mobile solutions for your services and products. Extensive experience in mobile app development allows us to do our work with high quality and at a high level.