Swift Heroes: The Extra. “Server Driven Swift UI. Managing declarative UI” with Anna Zharkova, Lead Mobile Developer in Usetech

April 18, 2022

ServerDriven UI is an interesting approach to dealing with and manage UI and app settings remotely and flexible. It suits to create UI programmatically with code. So it could be used with declarative SwiftUI views.

Anna Zharkova, Lead Mobile Developer at Usetech, Kotlin GDE, will share details on this topic in her presentation.

In her report, Anna will talk about:

  • Swift UI. Declarative UI conception
  • ServerDriven UI
  • Preparing the controls, processing
  • Working with data and states

Swift Heroes is a conference hosted in Turin, Italy, and broadcast live across the world for developers, designers and project managers at all levels of experience with the Swift ecosystem. 700 participants came together for the 2022 edition to learn and network all about iOS.

When? 21 April 2022, 11:00 CEST

Where? Join the broadcast.

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