Usetech at the premier Android Development Conference — droidcon Berlin

July 4, 2022

Anna Zharkova, Lead Mobile Developer, will make a presentation from Usetech. Anna will tell you about Kotlin Multiplatform multithreading old and new way.

Kotlin Multiplatform is a modern, powerful tool for multiplatform development. The main idea of Kotlin Multiplatform, as well as other cross-platform SDKs, is to optimize development by writing code once and share it between different platforms. However, dealing with a common code base could have some nuances that should be figured out and solved according to the platform specifics. Implementation in a common base could be really tricky. One such moment is a providing common solution for multithreading and concurrency. Especially for iOS, because it doesn’t support the same technologies as Android does. KMM SDK uses the specific for every native platform version of Kotlin: Kotlin/JVM, Kotlin/JS, or Kotlin/Native. Every version includes special Kotlin language extensions, tools, and libraries specified for a particular platform. The module created with Kotlin language will be compiled by JVM to bytecode for Android and by LLVM to bytecode for iOS. Kotlin Native is really different from Kotlin JVM because it depends on the specifics of the iOS platform. Most default solutions that work with JVM are not suitable for Kotlin Native at all.

Anna would like to examine the specifics of both platforms, to show the difference between Kotlin Native and Kotline JVM, what problems could be faced in providing a common solution for both platforms, and the ways to provide a working solution. And how to work with new memory management model in 1.6.0 version of Kotlin/Native

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