USETECH starts strategic partnership with LiveTree Adept

September 1, 2017

LiveTree is a UK crowdfunding company, specializing in Film and Video industry. Its team sees blockchain as an opportunity to disrupt the industry by changing the way Film and Video content is produced, financed and distributed. They have approached USETECH for assistance in creating its ICO smart contracts and to plan for the development of its platform.

In the process USETECH and LiveTree teams were integrated, and we were engaged in every step of the decision making from smart contract design to Whitepaper and Platform design. Smart contracts were created according to the trustless trust principle, and will be submitted to for check on transparency. Deployment is subject to passing the ICO Transparency Monitor with the “Transparent” status. This way contributors can be assured that the project upholds blockchain principles and that safeguards for their contributions are in place.

For more details please refer to LiveTree Adept web site.

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