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Since 2006 in the software and product development industry. USETECH is a reliable partner in Product Development as well as in developing custom applications for Financial Services, Retail, E-Commerce, Wholesale and other industries.


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There is a trend of sped-up development and implementation of business solutions in retail, which raises the question of providing businesses with new tools. Usetech helps clients reach the next level of competitiveness by developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining new software solutions, as well as modifying existing ones. We have developed 450+ retail projects, including large retail chains.

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Usetech helps businesses, startups, and financial services companies with the digital transformation of the fintech industry by delivering excellent practices in customs fintech software development. Financial companies have already realized the importance of technological breakthroughs that are changing the banking and payments industry.

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Creating Blockchain products requires deep knowledge of software in various technologies. We help our clients by deploying smart contracts as well as public or private blockchains into their existing IT systems or into their new products. Our Blockchain practice covers all major technologies in that space, and often deploys niche ones for specific use cases.

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We have successfully completed and implemented 1000+ custom software development projects. Everything we do is aimed to achieve the best results for our clients. We offer a variety of IT services, and most of them can be grouped into the following areas.


IT Consulting & Advisory

We obsess high-level expertise in IT consulting, which includes IT audit, IT strategy development and checkup of your business processes. Our specialists understand how fast the processes in the IT industry are running and how significant it is to keep up with them.

Custom Software Development

Our software development services allow us to effectively solve a wide range of tasks related to automation and modernization of the unique business processes of modern companies. Custom development allows you to solve any problem of the client and improve business processes in the company.

Microservice Architecture

We create a basic architecture to solve your business problems and ensure compatibility with your ecosystems. Building a microservice architecture will allow you to significantly reduce development and fix costs. Our team comprises experienced experts who have implemented 70% microservice architecture projects in various fields.

UI/UX and Design

Today's interfaces need to be optimized for consumer needs, and understanding the major trends will improve business and key metrics. We assistant businesses launch and develop in-demand digital products through customer and user experience research.

Product Engineering

A team of experienced specialists will help determine the strategy of your product and develop its capabilities. We offer expertise in developing custom products and platforms that meet business needs.

Blockchain Development

We help our clients by deploying smart contracts, and public or private blockchains into their existing IT systems or into their new products. Our Blockchain practice covers all major technologies in that space, and often deploys niche ones for specific use cases.

Cloud Services

Cloud systems is one of the big industries and a popular way to store data. We help businesses maintain and manage their infrastructure with new technologies and methods, make cloud migration easy and fast, and build their own cloud applications. Our team has extensive experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Staff Augmentation

Many companies use the outsourcing model to increase the organization's capabilities. Its major advantages are reduced administrative costs and scalability. We provide partial or full outsourcing of IT specialists, which can be managed by the client or our project manager in a dedicated team.

BigData and BI

Usetech has been helping companies with Big Data consulting and Business Intelligence since 2006, and determine what solutions are right for your business and then build a strategy based on that data.

Artificial Intelligence and ML

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and related technologies help to optimize work processes in modern business and make them more efficient. Implementation of machine learning allows businesses to remain competitive among most companies. We help companies understand the power of machine learning and adjust their business goals accordingly.

IT Support

During and after product development, our specialists provide support and provide the necessary training.

Software Testing and QA

Usetech's accumulated expertise allows us to build a systematic and high-quality testing process. This service is ideal for clients who need an aim opinion of the software being used or produced, as well as additional resources to carry out software quality control activities.

Our 750+ team has deep expertise in wide variety of technologies. Our Blockchain practice, for example, covers all major technologies in that space and often deploys niche ones for specific use cases.


We help our enterprise clients to achieve their business goals by supporting their build-up of a flexible architecture and by designing consumer touch-points for an increasing number of complex use cases.

In architecture we support our client’s enhancements of their SOA, Micro Services or PaaS platforms to create flexible capabilities that can embrace quick and frequent changes to their business process automation.

For example, we enabled our clients to introduce digital price tags, new consumer mobile apps, and real-time inventory to their e-commerce OMA as well as to POS software.

Our clients are global and regional click and mortar companies, leading financial services firms and cutting-edge startups, looking to disrupt whole industries.


We help our clients by deploying smart contracts as well as public or private blockchains into their existing IT system or their new products.

In Financial Services, we assist our clients to pilot latest technologies to offer completely new products and services. We specialize in small agile teams of full stack developers whose goal is to quickly implement solutions to our client’s business problems.

Our clients trust us to cut through the complexities of the Omni Channel trade by using the latest architecture and deployment approaches such as Micro-services or PaaS.

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