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Since 2006, we have been developing unique and powerful business solutions in various industries, such as Retail & eCommerce, FinTech & Banking, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Software & Hi-Tech and Insurance

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A large team of experts in the fields of AI, Data Science, Big Data and others, will develop an effective solution for you based on your requests
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Since 2006, we have been creating working solutions for your business
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We have implemented more than two thousand projects in various areas: Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, FinTech, Retail, Agriculture, etc.
Top 10 BI / Big Data Consulting Companies in the United Arab Emirates
Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Companies
Top IoT Development Companies in the United Arab Emirates
Silver Award Winner of The Globee Business Awards

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Usetech is among the Top 20 BI & Big Data Consulting Companies in the UAE, place 9

This achievement underscores Usetech's expertise in the marketplace and allows us to fulfill our commitments to our customers with quality.

New Usetech blog article: FinTech Trends in 2024

Usetech is one of the top business services companies, ranked #9 by TopDevelopers

Data Warehouse (DWH) Trends

A Data Warehouse (DWH) is a repository that stores a company’s data from various sources. In such a warehouse, all sources are integrated with each other, and the warehouse becomes a kind of system that allows you to analyze the data. According to Grazitti Interactive, the following trends await us this year: 1. Cloud Dominance […]

Vibration monitoring technology: In what fields should it be used?

Vibromonitoring — is a method of equipment technical condition monitoring based on vibration data mathematical analysis. In what areas should it be used? – Chemical industry – Aviation industry – Oil and gas industry – Mining industry – Manufacturing – Petrochemical industry

New Usetech blog article: Unlocking the power of Artificial Intelligence in the cultural sphere

You’ve probably heard about the potential applications of AI in marketing, manufacturing, or education. But what about the cultural sphere? Cache Merrill, Founder & CTO of Zibtek and Rajesh Namase, Co-Founder & Professional Tech Blogger at TechRT, share their views on this topic and talk about the future of AI in the cultural sphere. To […]

Usetech — Winner of Best Custom Software Developer 2024 by UAE Business Awards (MEA Markets)

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Usetech is the Best Custom Software Developer 2024 in the UAE market according to the judges’ results. This is fantastic news that we are very proud of! Link: Having been in the market for over 18 years, Usetech continues to develop relevant and effective solutions based on […]
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