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Since 2006, we have been developing unique and powerful business solutions in various industries, such as Retail & eCommerce, FinTech & Banking, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Software & Hi-Tech and Insurance

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A large team of experts in the fields of AI, Data Science, Big Data and others, will develop an effective solution for you based on your requests
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Since 2006, we have been creating working solutions for your business
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We have implemented more than two thousand projects in various areas: Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, FinTech, Retail, Agriculture, etc.
Top 10 BI / Big Data Consulting Companies in the United Arab Emirates
Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Companies
Top IoT Development Companies in the United Arab Emirates
Silver Award Winner of The Globee Business Awards

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Usetech is among the Top 20 BI & Big Data Consulting Companies in the UAE, place 9

This achievement underscores Usetech's expertise in the marketplace and allows us to fulfill our commitments to our customers with quality.

Case by Usetech: Hydrocarbon retrieval with time vector methods

We are sharing a case study that our team has done for the oil and gas industry. If you are interested in a solution for your business in this area, contact us via the contact form on the website ( or via email: Solution: The solution is based on liquid and bubble field model: […]

New Usetech blog post: Why Open Source Software Is Big Business

Not only do we write for the blog ourselves, but we also give opportunities to other writers to talk about their experiences or cases. Heather Meeker is a lawyer and venture capitalist, and a 30-year veteran of Silicon Valley, talked about the role open source software plays in business. Follow the link and read the […]

Employee Motivation and Engagement with Teal HR — The ultimate 6-in-1 IT solution with tangible ROI

Employee recognition is not a trend, but a global necessity if you want to retain and grow your employees. Teal HR Automates Six Pillars of Employee Engagement: Peer-to-peer recognition Promotion of essential behavior Virtual coins redeemable for rewards Internal communication Employee surveys Psychometrics, assessments, and 1:1 meetings To find out more about Teal HR, contact […]

Usetech is ready to offer you services in oil and gas, manufacture and power

Our years of experience allow us to help different types of businesses in several industries: manufacture, oil and gas, power, culture, and more. We have realized many projects of different types of complexity, and we are ready to help you. Using technologies such as AI, ML, Data Lake, Digital Twins, Computer Vision, etc., help us […]

Usetech was ranked 9th in TopDevelopers ranking of the best business services companies 

We are pleased to announce that Usetech has been included in the list of the best business services companies. For more than 17 years, we have been providing solutions based on efficient and advanced technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Big Data, and others. Our team has implemented projects for Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, FinTech, […]

Why should businesses invest in Artificial Intelligence? Commentary by Head of AI / ML at Usetech

We share with you an article on PYMNTS and a commentary by our Head of AI / ML at Usetech — Ilya Smirnov, which you can read at
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