We have successfully completed and implemented hundreds of custom software development projects. Everything we do is aimed to achieve the best results for our clients. We serve clients in many industries, but we have depth of expertise in Product Development, Financial Services, Retail, Wholesale, E-Commerce and other industries.


USETECH is a full cycle IT solutions company with deep expertise in Retail, Wholesale and E-commerce industries. We help our clients gain new level of competitiveness by envisioning, designing, developing, testing, deploying and supporting new software applications or improving their existing ones.

Financial services

Fintech startups and large Financial institutions alike rely on USETECH for envisioning, designing and developing new products that make them competitive. With them we pilot private or public blockchains, create new or improve their existing mobile applications, trading systems, online banking systems, claim processing solutions and many other IT applications.

Product development

We help startups and innovative divisions of enterprises to envision, design and build new software products and solutions. Our expertise is in: Blockchain startups, mobile applications and web development for a variety of new products.


We offer a variety of IT services, most of them can be grouped into the following areas

Custom software development and support

Application development services, provide by UseTech can effectively solve a wide range of the tasks related to automation of modern enterprise or unique business processes.

Design and usability (UI/UX)

Careful approach to system prototyping with usability and design is the key to making a successful project and to reduce its final cost while improving the customer’s journey and user experience.

Mobile solutions

UseTech has extensive experience in developing applications for leading mobile platforms such as iOS and Android in their native languages (Swift, Java), as well as on cross-platform solutions.

Migration and reengineering

UseTech offers a full range of services for reengineering and migration of existing enterprise information systems.

Independent testing

This is an ideal service for those clients who need objective assessment of the software they use or develop, as well as additional resources to control its quality.

Product Development

For product startups as well as innovative solutions in enterprises we help with all relevant Product Development services, from idea to implementation.


Our 250+ team has deep expertise in a wide variety of technologies. Our Blockchain practice, for example, covers all major technologies in that space and often deploys niche ones for specific use cases. We help our enterprise clients to achieve their business goals by supporting their build up of flexible architecture and by designing consumer touchpoints for an increasing number of complex use cases. In architecture we support our client’s enhancements of their SOA, Micro Services or PaaS platforms to create flexible capabilities that can embrace quick and frequent changes to their business process automation. For example we enabled our clients to introduce digital price tags, new consumer mobile apps and real time inventory to their e-commerce OMS as well as to POS software.


UseTech is a reliable partner in Product Development as well as in developing custom applications for Financial Services, Retail, Wholesale, E-Commerce and other industries


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Our Clients

Our clients are global and regional click and mortar companies, leading financial services firms and cutting-edge startups, looking to disrupt whole industries. We help them by deploying smart contracts as well as public or private blockchains into their existing IT systems or into their new products. Our clients rely on us to cut through complexities of Omni Channel trade by using latest architecture and deployment approaches such as Micro services or PaaS. In Financial Services, we assist our clients to pilot latest technologies to offer completely new products and services. We specialize in small agile teams of full stack developers whose goal is to quickly implement solutions to our client’s business problems.

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