Software developers, retailers, and consumers are all aware of the need for quality and continuously improving software to aid them in their development. And the better it gets, the more all the parties involved look to the future and even further developments in how these technologies can improve retail services.

What we care about most is providing appropriate and timely support to growing businesses. The advanced technologies we use in our work optimize processes and increase economic efficiency.

Our highly qualified specialists are able to guarantee stability, flexibility, quality of all software design and development processes of any level of complexity.

What services do we offer?

Usetech has vast experience in the development of top-notch solutions for businesses such as retail app development, end-to-end retail software development, eCommerce development, and ERP retail systems. For their implementation our team uses the most advanced technologies and services: cloud-based cognitive services, technical support services, data warehousing and migration, enterprise system modernization, etc.

Retail App Development

We develop solutions for businesses to attract new customers and interact with existing ones. These include personal accounts, convenient applications, and portal solutions.

End-to-end Retail Software Development

We develop sophisticated multifunctional systems and stand-alone modules for specific operations based on proven retail technology. In addition, we monitor every stage of integrating the system into your corporate structure and optimizing processes.

eCommerce Development

We create strategic solutions that build impressive business results. With years of experience, we offer a full suite of e-commerce development services, including strategy, integration, migration, and, of course, create results-driven applications.

ERP Retail Systems

We help implement software in your business to improve data flow and facilitate business processes throughout the company. Implementation of a quality ERP system will help increase the productivity of your business.

If you are interested in retail software development or consulting or want to learn more about the benefits and features, please contact us. We will be happy to learn more about your business and your application and help you to make it work better and faster.

Benefits of Retail Services

Mistakes can be costly for your business, so make sure the app works correctly on all platforms before launching it. We will highlight a few advantages of testing services so that you make a decision and contact us:

Real-time updating

With customized software, you’re not dependent on the parameters of any given software company when it comes to updating your information. This includes information on sales, customer feedback, etc.

Personalization for business practices and customer information

If you buy a standard software solution, you could end up with a solid product that speaks to many of your company’s needs. But it will not be truly your own. Creating custom software allows you to construct your own parameters for calculating sales, inventory, customer statistics, etc. in a way that makes sense to you.

Increased security

If you create customized software, your security settings will be more personalized, and you will be less vulnerable to hacking. Off-the-shelf software usually uses open-source code, which is easier to hack.

Why Choose Usetech ?

Usetech is a global corporation for the Manufacturing, Agricultural and Oil & Gas industries with unique expertise in AI and Data Science. The company has implemented more than 80 turnkey cases across an innovative technology stack and has deep expertise in Data Warehouse (DWH), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Business intelligence (BI), Predictive analytics, Digital Twins, Data Lake, IoT.
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people work in the company
A large team of experts in the fields of AI, Data Science, Big Data and others, will develop an effective solution for you based on your requests
years on the market
Since 2006, we have been creating working solutions for your business
completed projects
We have implemented more than two thousand projects in various areas: Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, FinTech, Retail, Agriculture, etc.
Top 10 BI / Big Data Consulting Companies in the United Arab Emirates
Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Companies
Top IoT Development Companies in the United Arab Emirates
Silver Award Winner of The Globee Business Awards

Working with Usetech

Cost savings

Throughout the entire solution development phase, our team keeps in touch with you and is ready to provide detailed progress reports. Usetech has extensive experience in working with various technologies and methods, which allows us to choose an individual approach to each solution and guarantee high quality of services provided.

Expertise and professionalism

Usetech has extensive experience in the fields of AI, Data Science, Big Data, BI, Data Lake, Digital Twins, etc. Our specialists are professionals in their field, possessing various methods and tools, as well as experience in Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, Agriculture and other spheres. This allows us to choose an individual approach to each solution and guarantee high quality of services provided.

Comfortable and transparent communication

Our team stays in touch with you throughout the work phase and is available to provide detailed progress reports.

our stack

To ensure high performance, flexible architecture and enhanced security, we use the following technologies. This helps our clients achieve their business goals and keep up with new technologies.
Image: React


React, Redux, Redux-Saga, RxJS, React-Native, ThreeJS, NextJS
Image: Vue.js


Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router, NuxtJS, Vue CLI, Vue Meta
Image: JavaScript


Material, Ant Design, Apollo GraphQL, Protractor, Jasmine, Jest, Enzyme
Image: Angular


Angular, NgRx, NGXS, MobX, Formly, Ionic

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