Data Science

Data Science is the science that studies the problems of analyzing, processing, and representing data in digital form. It combines methods of data processing, including big data and parallel data processing.

Data Science is a driving force for business because it solves several problems at once it:

  • Helps make business-beneficial decisions
  • Allows you to influence customers’ decisions
  • Creates a psychological portrait of the customer
  • Helps find the “pain” points of the business.

Regardless of whether you already use Data Science methods in your work or need to learn how to work with them, Usetech will discuss ideas for transforming your business with you.

What we offer

Data Science in Retail

  • Analysis of seasonal preferences/ holidays and pre-holidays
  • Analysis of loyalty card data/previous preferences
  • Search for cross-selling (related products) and up-sell (more expensive product) preferences
  • Analysis of consumer basket and average check
  • Analysis of sale and promotional data
  • Evaluation and impact on customer engagement

Data Science in Fintech

  • Traditional risk management and credit risk calculation
  • Financial, currency, and investment market forecasting models
  • Understanding/interpretability of models for the regulator (Central Bank)
  • Tracking and predicting customer behavioral patterns with an expanded range of customer data: biometrics, mobile app analytics, social media scoring
  • Calculating the effectiveness of new processes and product offerings based on customer behavioral patterns

Industrial Data Science

  1. Statistical models of physical and chemical processes
  2. Detection of anomalies in data and processes
  3. Predicting the life cycles of devices and technological processes
  4. Structural Health Monitoring
  5. Decision support systems based on best practices

What technologies do we use



Data processing


Model building frameworks


Visualizing results