August 29, 2022

Why should you learn the TypeScript programming language?

In this article, Sergey Otmorsky, the Lead Developer of Usetech, highlighted the main points that should tip the scales towards TypeScript when choosing a programming language. 1. TypeScript is very simple I read the entire handbook in one even

August 20, 2022

Our expertise: UI/UX Solutions

Usetech helps businesses launch and develop in-demand digital products through customer and user experience research. We provide various services: UX research Detailed and high-level prototyping UI and Technical design UI Kit and guideline

August 18, 2022

Our expertise: Software testing & QA Services

Usetech's accumulated expertise allows us to build a systematic and high-quality testing process. We implement the testing process from scratch or optimize the current testing process. Our services are on the card below. You can contact us using the

August 7, 2022

Kotlin Multiplatform. Work with asynchrony on the iOS side. Publishers, async/await

Anna Zharkova, a leading developer of Usetech, continue to talk about Kotlin Multiplatform and working with asynchronous functions. In this article, you will look at how you can conveniently connect Kotlin common code on the iOS side using Swift c

August 3, 2022

Usetech on HackerNoon

Following the blog on Medium, we created a blog on HackerNoon and published the first article in which we talk about how blockchain will help in building Web 3.0. HackerNoon is a well-known IT media about technology, artificial intelligence, engin

July 29, 2022

Our services: Mobile Development

Earlier, we have already talked about our services in custom software development and projects. Today we will talk about our expertise in mobile development. Our specialists have extensive experience in developing mobile applications to meet any b

July 25, 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Design Tokens

A full-fledged guide on design tokens was prepared by Evgeny Shevtsov, the Head of the UX direction at Usetech. This article is for a large and diverse audience: For designers: who have heard about tokens, but don’t understand how they interact

July 15, 2022

How to motivate employees? The case of the Usetech company

The motivation of employees can be called the level of energy and determination with which they perform their work. The higher the level of motivation, the higher the level of productivity and involvement in the company, and this is important for mod

July 7, 2022

Our services: Custom Software Development

We provide custom software development services. Our software development services allow us to effectively solve a wide range of tasks related to automation and modernization of the unique business processes of modern companies. Custom development al