Expert comment: How we started the adaptation in the company: 9 important points

December 2, 2022

Without a well—established adaptation system, it is difficult to keep employees — only if you are not in a very narrow niche where there are almost no competitors. In cases with IT companies, where there is quite a lot of competition and high demand for IT specialists, only two things will help to “hook” an employee from his first days of work in the company: a high-quality adaptation system and an understanding of why you need it.

In the beginning, we decided to collect staff turnover analytics, where it immediately became clear that the first peak of outflow begins in the first three months after the employee’s admission to the company, during the probationary period.

Without a systematic study of the causes of fluidity, it is difficult to get a complete picture. Therefore, the next stage was the analysis of exit interviews. In parallel, as part of one-to-one meetings with employees, HR managers asked what they lacked during the adaptation period and what the ideal onboarding looked like.

The audit of documents and communication channels with the newcomer was the final stage of our analysis.

It became clear in which direction to go and how to build our onboarding system.

Of course, this cannot yet be called a complete onboarding system.

The adaptation system is a process that requires constant support. It cannot be set up and forgotten once, but we have already run — in and fixed its main functional blocks.

We hope our experience will give you ideas for launching and building your own adaptation system.

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