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Usetech has been ranked among the Top Software Testing Companies, according to GoodFirms
Usetech has been ranked among the Top Software Testing Companies, according to GoodFirms Sharing our new achievement with you! GoodFirms has included Usetech in the list of Top Software Testing Companies, ranking us 11th. learn more
Our Oil and Gas Services
The oil and gas industry remains one of the most promising areas. Usetech's solutions in this area will help you keep pace with the industry. As experts in Big Data and analytics, our highly qualified and experienced professionals will choose the best solution for your business growth. We are ready to offer you advanced technology consultation and discuss your request. Contact us using email: learn more
5 Reasons to Take Part in GITEX: Our article on HackerNoon
As a bronze sponsor of Global DevSlam at GITEX 2023, we know all the benefits of attending such events, so we've prepared an article about it for you. learn more
Usetech is among the Top 100+ iOS App Developers in the UAE, according to TopDevelopers
TopDevelopers resource has listed Usetech as one of the best iOS app development companies in the UAE. learn more
Artificial Intelligence is the New Oil of the 21st Century
This was the topic of our workshop that Usetech held as part of the Global DevSlam at GITEX. The workshop participants got acquainted with Usetech's cases in the field of AI and ML, as well as with the company's services and products. learn more
Usetech announces a search for contributors for the revamped blog!
Don't miss your chance to share your expertise with a wide audience! If you like to write on technical and marketing topics, we are waiting for you to be one of the authors for the Usetech blog. learn more
Usetech Ranked Among Top QA and Software Testing Companies in 2023 by Techreviewer
Looking for a trusted provider in the testing industry? The Usetech team is ready to help you develop and test solutions for your business. learn more
New article on Quora: How to build an effective content strategy for in-person events
While preparing for GITEX, we realized that there aren't many guide articles on how to prepare for such large-scale events. Our PR manager, Julia Voloshchenko, has prepared an article about this. From the article, you will learn about 5 necessary steps in preparing for conferences and exhibitions. Follow the link: learn more
Usetech announced the launch of cooperation with regional ML/AI solution providers at GITEX 2023 in Dubai
At the 43rd GITEX 2023, Usetech has agreed to partner with 11 companies to develop collaborations in the region to promote state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based products. learn more
GITEX results for Usetech
GITEX GLOBAL, a large-scale exhibition of information technologies, was held in Dubai from October 16 to 20. Usetech, being a bronze sponsor of the Global DevSlam community, presented its services in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as well as digital products based on AI. learn more
Usetech has been ranked in the Top Software Developers in the UAE according to TopDevelopers
Congratulations to our team on another accomplishment! learn more
5 Simple Steps to Get Started with Usetech
Tell us more about your request by leaving the application in the contact form by the link —, and our team will contact you. learn more

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