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New article in our blog on Medium: State management in React using Valtio
Usetech’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Usetech entered the Top BI & Big Data Consulting Companies in the United Arab Emirates, ranking #9
18 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2024: Comment by the Head of AI/ML at Usetech
New article for Quora for Business: How to use data to improve your content
Interview for Authority Magazine: The Future of Artificial Intelligence
We share with you an interview with Ilya Smirnov, Head of AI/ML Department at Usetech. learn more
Key Trends In IT Management In 2024
Sharing with you the current trends in IT management. learn more
Usetech can help you develop an AI-powered solution
If you're looking to take a step into the future, Usetech would love to help you do just that. learn more
Trends in DevOps 
Tech Trends 2024
To stay on top of the news and develop relevant solutions, you need to keep up with predictions and trends in technology. learn more
Use of Artificial Intelligence in 2024: Expert Predictions and Cases 
You've probably read that AI continues to be one of the most in-demand technologies in 2024. We at Usetech polled experts on how they are using and plan to use AI in their businesses. learn more
New article for Quora for Business: Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2024
Did you know the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in content? And how you can use LLM in content? learn more

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