For over 15 years, we’ve been a supplier of IT solutions for corporate and commercial banks, investment companies, and other financial institutions, creating complex IT architectures and ecosystems, high-performance enterprise-level software, and upgrading core banking systems.

What we offer

We take advantage of the latest trends and developments in financial technology to help companies thrive in the changing marketplace.

From mobile apps to scalable, feature-rich systems. We help companies modernize their services, enabling them to reach extra levels of service, quality, and customer loyalty.

What technologies we use

Custom development services for RBS and mobile banking systems, including revision, integration, and testing of existing systems (automated banking systems, rapid payment system)

These are custom solutions tailored to the customer’s interests. Their implementation allows you to optimize the work on infrastructure management of bank self-service devices.

Scalable multifunctional systems, including portals, personal accounts, and client applications

Solutions for payment and product management in different customer service channels are offered.

Remote control of production processes and equipment

IoT platforms are used to equip products with remote control features, real-time monitoring, and integration with smartphones and other devices

Predictive analytics (calculation of investment risks, forecasting of purchasing behavior, and customer churn)

Predictive analytics is based on artificial intelligence technology, which allows analyzing large data volumes and building predictive models based on them.

Automation of business processes

Thanks to transferring routine tasks to services for automation, it is possible to receive orders, issue invoices, and do many other things automatically.

Development with the use of Open API technology

Implementation of Open API allows you to monetize data, build partnerships and open up new ways for innovation. The advantage of Open API is that it’s easy to implement, and it allows for increased productivity for sales and support.

Big Data, Data Science

Big Data can be used to understand the effectiveness of new processes and product offerings. Data Science and Big Data are business drivers because they help make profitable decisions.

AI, Machine Learning

Implementing AI and ML helps optimize workflows and allows businesses to stay competitive with other market players. We use AI and ML technologies to automate big data workflows.

Integration with cloud services, including Amazon Web Services and Azure as IaaS and SaaS

Cloud services are one of the trends of recent years, and solutions built “in the cloud” have several advantages over the standard approach. We offer businesses a full range of services to migrate to cloud systems and create their own applications.

Fintech Solutions

Fintech Software Development

From wealth management to P2P lending and from payroll fintech tools to banking software, we provide software development services for fintech that help businesses get ahead and stay there.

Investment Portals

Make stock purchases, buy and sell commodities through a trusted, secure portal ideal for retail investors or create integrated trading tools for professionals.

Fintech Software Integration

We make financial solutions part of bigger software ecosystems or integrate them with third-party systems.

Crowdfunding Solutions

Your users can attract investment from around the world to launch one-off projects or support ongoing projects, securely and easily.

Fintech Software Security & Compliance

We ensure the stable operation and protection of financial systems along with the data they process.


Customer Services & Revenue

Fintech improves the quality of traditional financial institutions by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Reduced Costs

Fintech allow your businesses to send and receive money from their accounts in different currencies without incurring high conversion fees.

Greater Convenience

Companies are adopting Fintech because it uses technology to give users a better and reliable customer experience.

Speed & Faster Rate of Approval

Customer information is processed automatically, and they can access all the financial services they need even faster. The credit goes through an automated process based on the use of AI in the banking sector, making the process faster than would be possible with a human.

Robo Advisors

It is one of the simplest ways of planning an investment or future banking plan.

Advanced Security

Fintech companies make significant investments in their security infrastructure, both online and offline. As a result, clients may be certain that their information is secure.