What we care most about is providing appropriate and timely support to growing businesses. The advanced technologies we use in our work optimize processes and increase economic efficiency.

Our highly qualified specialists are able to guarantee stability, flexibility, quality of all software design and development processes of any level of complexity.

“Digitalization, which began several years ago, is still relevant. It is now appropriate to talk about increasing digital services not as an automation trend, but as an established rule: if you bring a new product to market, you must create a digital service for it”

Victor Frolov, Director of Business Development at Usetech

What we offer

There is a trend of rapid development and implementation of business solutions in retail, requiring new tools.

Usetech helps clients reach the next level of competitiveness by developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining new software solutions, as well as modifying existing ones. We have developed 450+ retail projects, including large retail chains.

What technologies we use

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain

Analyzing user behavior, product preferences, and in-store purchase behavior, forecasting customer needs, smart contracts, Blockchain for logistics.

Omnichannel approach

Simultaneous use of all offline and online communication channels, with the ability to fully track the customer journey.

Seamless integration

Integration of customer information with automated corporate bases and points of sale, allowing you to manage logistics, inventory, make analytical reports and forecasts, manage staff and monitor efficiency.


Online platforms that connect sellers and buyers, allowing them to transact through them.

Retail Solutions

Usetech has vast experience in the development of top-notch solutions for businesses such as retail app development, end-to-end retail software development, eCommerce development, and ERP retail systems. For their implementation, our team uses the most advanced technologies and services: cloud-based cognitive services, technical support services, data warehousing and migration, enterprise system modernization, etc.

Retail App Development

We develop solutions for businesses attract new customers and interact with existing ones. These include as personal accounts, convenient applications, and portal solutions.

End-to-end Retail Software Development

We develop sophisticated multifunctional systems and stand-alone modules for specific operations based on proven retail technology. In addition, we monitor every stage of integrating the system into your corporate structure, optimizing processes.

eCommerce Development

We create strategic solutions that create impressive business results. With years of experience, we offer a full suite of e-commerce development services, including strategy, integration, migration, and, of course, creating results-driven applications.

ERP Retail Systems

We help implement software in your business to improve data flow and facilitate business processes throughout the company. Implementing a quality ERP system will help increase the productivity of your business.



Retail software allows you to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks such as reporting, inventory tracking, regulating prices, recording payroll, billing and processing returns.

Increased Reach

Retail software eliminates all geographic boundaries. So, anyone can run a retail store from anywhere across the globe with just a few tweaks in the payment system.

Speed & Accuracy

Retail software leverages ML, AI, Big Data and analytics to automate and optimize end-to-end retail operations. For instance, an inventory tracking drone takes just a few minutes to accurately audit inventory management, which earlier consumed hours when conducted by humans.

Real-time Visibility

Retail software enables store owners to control their shop floor and warehouse anytime, anywhere. With real-time visibility into inventory levels, retailers can instantly identify out-of-stock items and reorder them. Automated reminders for out-of-order items also help avoid downtime and keep the store up and running.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Retail software automates all manual tasks and frees up your valuable time, which can better ‌engage and serve customers.