We’re continuing our regular column with interviews with technology experts. This time we are welcome Brian Prince, CEO of TopAITools.com and consulting CMO at XCoins.com, champions AI innovation leveraging his vast tech and marketing expertise. His ventures, including Hotel Hotline and Best of the Web, underline his success in digital marketing and online platform development, positioning him as a thought leader in AI’s evolving landscape.

Hello Brian! We are happy to offer you an opportunity like an interview to tell a wider audience more about you and your experience. We will not only talk about the business, but also about you. Please, tell our readers how you got into this field and where you started your career.

Did you see (or envisioned) the field of AI actively evolving when you first started working with it?

I first started getting familiar with AI software during my involvement as CMO of Xcoins, a sizable crypto exchange platform. I used AI to help optimize marketing emails, PPC ad copy, language translations, social media content, SEO strategy, Facebook ads, AI-generated custom images and, above all else, strategy planning and project management.

It was during that time I realized the tremendous potential AI has to streamline workflows for small business owners, enhance creativity, and free our time to work on big-picture strategy, core competencies, and other tasks that still require the human touch. 

I founded TopAITools when I realized I wanted to help business owners like myself leverage these tools and discover the best resources with so many apps, platforms, and programs available. 

Can you point out what’s in store for AI in the next 5 years?

I think we’re going to see the tools we already have just getting better and better. 

The next phase after generative AI might well be interactive AI, where the tools are communicating with each other to complete a task.

Rather than providing detailed, step-by-step, very clear prompts, we might be able to give AI a specific end goal, and it will figure out how to get there. Of course, we’ll need lots of regulation surrounding those capabilities to ensure an AI doesn’t “go rogue,” so to speak.

After that, or simultaneously, we’ll start to see  “Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or “superintelligent” AI –  LLMs that give the appearance, at least, of independent thought. OpenAI has already launched a new “Safety and Security Committee” to begin protecting against any threats superintelligent AI may pose. 

Do you use AI tools yourself? For what purpose?

Absolutely! At TopAITools we incorporate many of the tools that we review, test, and share with readers. Some of my go-tos are Canva for graphics creation and DALL-E for image creation —we have a lot of fun with that!— and Midjourney for images in our popular (and free) AI Crash Course. 

Speaking of the AI Crash Course, we used Sora and other tools to create engaging video components, which makes the materials more accessible for visual learners.  

In what areas do you think the use of AI is not applicable?

Right now, it’s clear there are many tasks AI still cannot do as well as human workers. While it’s fun to play around with AI graphics, we’re creating marketing materials, not fine art. I do feel a new genre of both visual art and music is emerging from creatives incorporating AI into their projects. 

AI has yet to match our team of copywriters and content writers when it comes to creating engaging and informative material. It’s great for strategy, ideas, and tweaking though! It’s like that smart friend who can help you find the perfect line when you’re stuck. 

AI also can’t build relationships, and that’s crucial in today’s world in so many fields. 

Tell us a little about your company. You are the Founder & CEO of Top AI Tools. How did the idea for this business come about? Do you have a mission?

Our mission is to help the general public, and small business owners, specifically, leverage AI to work smarter, not harder. Our tagline is “Master AI before it masters you,” and while that sounds dramatic, what it means to us is that we are entering a world where AI will be as common as the smartphone in your pocket. Specific job roles aren’t likely to be replaced by AI, per se, but someone’s job might be replaced by another human being who knows how to use AI to streamline tasks and improve profitability. 

How do you see your company developing in the next few years?

We’d love to keep doing more of the same — sharing the best AI tools and building relationships with industry leaders and influencers in the field of AI. 

Our guest post program promises to add more voices and perspectives to our website, truly making TopAITools a one-stop-shop for AI tips, tricks, news, reviews, and information. 

And, our AI Crash Course will put AI knowledge in the hands of people who need it most, plus we are launching a newsletter targeted at small business owners, giving them bite-sized news, tips, and information they need to stay up to date on the world of AI in a quick read.

Now let’s talk a little bit about you so that our readers get to know you better. What makes you happy every day?

I love this question! Beyond the obvious of spending time with my family, I love collaborating with my team on creative endeavors and constantly brainstorming ways we can improve the site. I find that rewarding. I have an insatiable curiosity for innovation. And, as a serial technology entrepreneur, I love a new challenge.

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m fortunate enough to live in southern Florida where the weather is perfect for golf. I also really enjoy new technology, although that’s less of a hobby and more something I’ve driven to do — I’ve just always been drawn to it. 

I like travel, and that inspired my first business as the founder of Hotel Hotline, one of the first online booking engines. I studied International Business at the University of London and absolutely loved the old-world charm of Europe. I’m also a big fan of Jamaica; after numerous visits, I consider myself an unofficial dual-nationality “Jamerican.” There’s something about the vibrant culture and stunning beaches that keeps me coming back. When it comes to winter sports, I’m a huge fan of snowboarding in the western US, especially in places like Colorado, Utah, and Tahoe. Canada also offers some incredible snowboarding spots that I can’t get enough of.

Can you share 3 movies that inspire you?

“The Matrix” is a perfect metaphor for the world we’re living in today and how technology is evolving. It’s also inspiring, in a sense — despite its dark themes, it illuminates the power of human resilience and the quest for truth.

Another movie that stands out to me is “The Founder,” with Michael Keaton portraying McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc. It offers great business lessons and carries the powerful message that things aren’t always as they seem. It’s fascinating to see the story of McDonald’s evolution and the determination and vision that drove its global success. 

I’d say the third — a guilty pleasure — is “Reservoir Dogs.” It boasts an- awesome cast, great plot, and dark drama… a good escape when you need one!

What advice do you have for aspiring AI professionals?

As in any business or field, don’t be afraid to be the one who is innovating. Of course, it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel, but when you can come up with a truly unique concept, idea, or leap forward, do it! 

Also, keep your transferable skills in mind. AI is a completely new and emerging field. What talents, skills, and experience do you have from the past that you can bring to this career?

When I started TopAITools.com, I approached it with the experience of two successful internet companies under my belt. I learned a ton about marketing, SEO (which, of course, is an ever-changing beast), relationships, and technology. So I was able to approach TopAITools with a solid strategy and business plan in mind and, as we come up on our first anniversary, it’s served us well so far. 

What skills should a modern specialist have to work in a large company?

Because “AI jobs,” per se, vary so much, it’s hard to pinpoint exact skill sets. Whether you’re developing AI, deploying AI, or using AI to streamline your job functions, the strengths you need will be very different. 

But I think an innate sense of being comfortable around this new technology is probably a good trait to have — or the willingness to learn if you aren’t a digital native coming into the workforce. 

I think possessing a willingness to experiment with different tools is imperative. Creative thinking and communication skills help in fields like prompt engineering. And, of course, people skills help in every field, including AI! It’s a competitive job market right now, and just having networking skills to get your resume past the AI filters most companies use and into the hands of a human being is no small feat. If you’re moving into a new field, it’s even more crucial to forge connections of some sort. 

Thank you very much for your time and answers!

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