Tips for a successful career as a project manager

January 9, 2023

We begin the year with useful information for project managers — beginners and already professionals. Today the Usetech expert, program manager and leading project manager, will share tips on how to be productive and organize an effective workflow, as well as what helps him not to burn out in his work.

💡 One of the most interesting moments, in my opinion, is when you have to solve non-standard tasks within a team or project, to improve business performance. But the most boring and routine for me is planning, preparing reports and working with contracts, but I can’t do without it.

💡 If you want to grow, then choose the challenging path and ask for a higher salary. Challenging path = challenging tasks, they allow you to gain experience quickly.

💡 Learn to say no. That said, of course, the “no” should be on the case and reasoned. Such a skill may seem insignificant to you, but its absence always leads to anarchy on a project.

💡 Another important managerial skill is the ability to delegate.

💡 Teams need meetings every day, and they should be vocal. The ideal workflow, in my opinion, is when the manager has all the processes and communication lined up within the project and the team, and then simply adjusts them with minimal input.

💡 Burnout is a big problem for intellectual professionals these days. Burnout always has its causes, you just have to identify them.

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