Top 5 blogs for developers

March 17, 2023

It’s no secret that IT professionals love to learn and improve their skills, so today we will share a useful selection of resources for developers. And you can contribute to the selection in the comments:

One of the largest and most popular resources about technology, artificial intelligence, and programming languages. You can read articles by experts or write your own article.

A valuable resource and a useful source of information for developers all over the world. In the community, you can share your experience with other colleagues and help them.

Another useful resource for developers with articles on various topics. You can learn about the skills required for developers, the best platforms for learning, and much more.

Better Programming
A blog on Medium that is famous for articles from many authors on and around the topic of programming. Guides and How-To articles – that’s what this blog is useful for developers and those who just start their way in this sphere.

A large community for developers to share their knowledge with others.

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