WWDC 2022. What’s new in SwiftUI

June 10, 2022

Anna Zharkova, a leading developer of Usetech, shares notes from the Apple conference.

The week of thematic sessions is in full swing. Today we will talk about SwiftUI, what novelties have already been presented and announced.

In this version, the bet was made both to support new iOS features, and to improve and refine existing ones. The main directions of SwiftUI development were:

  • Support for the new Charts framework;
  • Navigation (own, native, native);
  • Complex controls;
  • Sharing support;
  • Graphics and markup.

These are the main directions of changes and improvements in SwiftUI, but not all. Almost all the new API, SDK and Kit presented work with declarative framework support. Special attention is paid to the work of Swiftai with iPad OS, macOS, watchOS.

SwiftUI has not supplanted UIKit, because it is based on it, but it is not going to go into the shadows.

There are still 4 days of videos ahead. Share your impressions!

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